General Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of this website are designed in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) based on the recommendations of international e-business codes.

The terms and conditions determine purchase conditions of the website which is available on the (hereinafter: \'website\') which is managed by the company Rencelj d.o.o. , the provider of e-commerce (hereinafter: \'the provider\').

Before making a purchase on the website please read:

  • these terms and conditions
  • help with purchase
  • shipping,
  • our privacy policy which concerns the buyer protection

By continuing to use this website, the user agrees with all of the provisions included in these Terms and conditions, including all of the links and their constituent parts.

Any item characteristics, prices including all of the tax and other charges as well as payment details and shipping address are final and valid once completing the order. The delivery date is valid at the time of final confirmations. In the event of any possible changes to the delivery deadline, the company's customer service will inform the customer in a timely manner.

The prices, including VAT and shipping charges, are visible in the shopping basket before confirming your purchase. All of the order details will also be sent to the email address that you have to provide when making an order. If you don't see such email there is a possibility that you entered an incorrect email address. In such case, we ask you to contact us through

1. Final order confirmation

The order is finalized after the buyer receives a confirmation email on the email address provided when making an order. The email confirms and accepts the order.

In the event of any changes to the order or the wish to cancel it completely, the buyer can do so by contacting the company by using the address

The order is electronically stored on the provider's server and available at the company's headquarters. When making a purchase the buyer confirms that he is aware and agrees with the Terms and Conditions of the website We reserve the right to change the prices and text at any time and apologize for any possible errors. In the event of any disputes, both parties are in favor of an amicable settlement of the disputes.

2. Accessibility of information (summary of legalization):

The provider has to provide the buyer with the following information:

  • company details (name and registered office, registry number)
  • contact details that enable communication with the company (email address, address)
  • basic characteristics of the goods and/or services (including after-sales services and warranty)
  • product accessibility (any item and/or service available on the website should be accessible in a reasonable time)
  • terms of delivery and secure execution (manner, place, and deadline for delivery)
  • All of the prices listed have to be clearly visible and need to indicate if they include VAT
  • payment and delivery options
  • time validity of the offer
  • a deadline in which it is possible to withdraw from the contract; and how much do returns cost the buyer
  • clarification on the complaint process, including all of the contact details of the customer service.

3. Company identity and contact details

  • The provider and his address: Renčelj d.o.o., Povir 54/e, 6210 Sežana
  • Email: (users can send an email about any questions, comments or statements)
  • Registration number: 5537100000
  • VAT id. number: SI33152390

Shopping cart

To finish making an order you have to fill in the necessary fields

Account information

You have to enter the contact details (the fields are marked with a star and include the name, surname, email address, address, city, postage number and your phone number. Such details are necessary for order confirmation and completion. You have to enter at least one valid phone number.

The form allows you to create a new account when making an order to making an order in the future is easier.

It also allows you to ship to another address.

Shopping cart summary

The cart shows all of the items that you added while browsing the website. You can correct the items or the number of items. You can take a look at the item prices, shipping costs, and the VAT as well as the total that you have to pay.

Shipping method

GLS delivery service – shipping costs 3€ (includes vat) or you can opt for personal pick up at the address Povir 54e, 6210 Sežana.

GLS usually deliveres the next working day after shipping but no longer than 10 days.

Our contractual partner is GLS, however, we reserve the right to choose another service provider in order to fulfill an order more efficiently.

Payment option

You can choose among the following payment options: Payment upon delivery, Credit or debit card or PayPal.

The items purchased on the website Renčelj d.o.o. Can be paid to the delivery courrier upon delivery.

Order completion

The user can see the total payment amount and any possible details. The user completes the order by clicking the button Confirm order where he is prompted to pay. If the order was successful, the website display "Congratulations. You successfully submitted your order."

Order finalization

After making an order the buyer receives an email that includes order details and order confirmation.

With such email, the user knows the order will be delivered in the shortest time possible. If the user isn't reachable through the phone number provided with the order, we will contact him through email.

Withdrawal from the contract before delivery

If the user wants to change or completely cancel an order after it has been already placed, he can do so by writing an email to


All of the prices included on the website are final and include vat.

The prices are valid upon making a purchase.

The sales contract between the provider and the buyer is made once the buyer confirms the order. From that moment on the prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to the provider and the buyer.

The provider uses a durable medium to present an invoice that includes all of the costs to the buyer as well as information on how to withdraw from the purchase and return the products if that is needed and possible.

The purchase contract (order) is stored electronically on the provider's server and available to the buyer at any time by accessing the user profile. The same does not apply to orders made through the phone. In such case, data is stored only in the customer database of the company, which it uses for its accounting purposes.

Product descriptions can include some errors. We reserve the right to change the prices of the items without any prior notice.

Online invoicing has many benefits for our environment

  • we use less paper,
  • we use less ink and minimise
  • transport.

In accordance with Directive 2010/45/EE and the changed Article 84. of the Value added tax act– ZDDV-1 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 13/11-UPB3, 18/11, 78/11, 38/12 and 83/12) from 01.01. 2013 we introduce an equivalent treatment of paper and electronic accounts.

By making a purchase in our online store, the user agrees that all of the invoices and payment details are sent in an electronic form (when using a credit/debit card and/or PayPal). In the event that the buyer chooses to pay upon delivery, a printed copy of the invoice will be presented upon delivery.

A buyer that requests a printed copy of the invoice and request so by emailing the company at For any invoice sent through the post office, we charge an administration fee of 1,00 EUR.

Multimedia content

The websit features product data as well as photographs and videos that ensure better presentation of the products. Even though our goal is to provide the best photographs that present the product well, we still have to use some symbolic photographs. Such photographs don't talk about the product details. The colors on the pictures can differ from the real product. All of such media is owned by the company Renčelj d.o.o and any copying will be prosecuted.

The right to withdraw from the contract or return the product

With the distant contract, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract or return the product within 14 days from the date of delivery. In such case, the consumer has to provide a reason for the withdrawal which has to be in accordance with the article 43 or ZVPot. The only cost that the consumer has to cover is the shipping expenses to ship to product back to the seller.


The possibility to withdraw from the contract is provided in accordance with the consumer protection law.

In the event of a product return, shipping costs are covered by the buyer. Such returns can be done in 14 days after the date of delivery.

The company will return the payment to the same method used by the buyer to make the purchase except in the event that the buyer requests another method that doesn't create any extra costs for the company.

In the event of the sales contract, the seller can hold the refund until the returns parcel arrives to the company address or until the buyer sends in a proof of sending the product back. The company may also offer to pick up the returning goods themselves.

If you received inadequate or damaged goods you can make a return within 14 days after the date of delivery. The items have to be unused and in their original packaging/have to be undamaged. The amount will be refunded to the buyer in an agreed manner no later than 14 working days after returning the goods

If you're planning to make a return inform us of the contact email e-mail

The form for contract withdrawal from the fifth paragraph of the article b43.d is available on the

For easier understanding of the return rights, we provide you with an explanation from the Slovenian market inspectorate (source: information – Newsletter of the Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia, 20. January 2012, number 3):

In the event of withdrawal from a distance contract, it should be noted that this is a withdrawal from the contract which is not based on it being faulty. The consumer has the right due to the very nature of the contract – it being concluded at a distance. Withdrawal from the contract doesn't imply that the consumer didn't know what he was buying (consumers generally know what they are ordering) but that he changed his mind about the purchase and decided to withdraw from the contract in a statutory deadline.

We also need to note that a distance contract doesn't grant the consumer any additional rights compared to a traditional contract (that is, by visiting a store). The consumer thus shouldn't use the product while withdrawing from the contract as this is not a case of purchasing a product to test out where an examination of the goods is a prerequisite to maintain the contract. The consumer can thus examine and try the product only the extent that is necessary to determine the necessity of the product. Any additional „testing“ of the product by using it means that the consumer loses his right to withdraw from the contract.

The right of withdrawal doesn't give the consumer any additional rights but only the possibility to change his decision after already getting the product. The consumer can determine that he made the wrong decision when purchasing the product and can thus withdraw from the contact but that doesn't give him the right to use the product.

The online store reserves the right to reject a refund of a product that, upon being returned, has missing parts (box, invoice, isn't originally packaged, is used). The return shipping cost is covered by the consumer. If returning the product we ask you to examine the item carefully and return it in its original package to ensure the uninterrupted return of your money

The funds will be refunded to your bank account, so we kindly ask you to include the number into the reclamation record which you should include into your return package or send it to our email address at

All products leave our distribution center in a protected packaging which is in perfect condition. Upon delivery make sure to examine the package carefully as you have the right to reject it if it is damaged in any way. You can always notify us about rejecting a package. You have to understand that the company Renčelj d.o.o can't be held liable for any damages that occur during shipping.

100 % satisfaction warranty

In the company Renčelj d.o.o. We stand by and product that we produce and sell. We are committed to the highest ethical and business standards which we prove without 100% satisfaction warranty. If you, 30 days after your purchase, don't feel satisfied with any of our products we will return you your money (we refund the product price, not including the shipping costs). Our warranty is valid on opened and used products!

The 100 percent satisfaction warranty is valid on products that are listed in the purchase invoice,

while the date on the latter implies when the sale was made. You can claim the warranty by including the invoice original or a copy. The offer is valid 30 days after making a purchase.

Warranty is not valid:

In the event of damages which are the result of improper handling of the product (force, burden, changes made by the customer, damages) and if the buyer doesn't include a copy of the invoice.


In case you want to claim the warranty you have to follow the steps listed below:

Step 1:

Send a warranty claim to the email address and request reclamation which implies that you want to withdraw from the contract.

We can start with the reclamation process once we get consumer's request via an email message or a letter.

Phone calls don't allow us to start the process.

Step 2:

A company representative will use either email communication or the post to forward you a reclamation form (depends on how you requested the reclamation yourself).

Step 3:

Fill out the reclamation form that you can also find here and explain to us in detail why you decided to request reclamation.

Our reclamation department will examine the product and the reclamation form. In the event that any crucial part of the information is missing, we will contact you once again. This can slow down the reclamation process so please fill in the form correctly the first time.

Step 4:

The reclaimed product has to be sent to our company. All products that get shipped from our distribution center are always securely packaged in an original case, so please make sure the product is protected when sending it back. The original packaging of the product should be undamaged.

You should mark the packaging with a note saying RECLAMATION, as any unmarked packages will get rejected.

IMPORTANT: Any packages sent to us with the method „cash on delivery“ or „postage paid by the addressee“ will be rejected and the full cost will be charged to you.

If the packaging is in any way damaged or covered by delivery labels (which makes it unusable), we won't be able to return you 100% of the purchase price but will deduct 50%. Any missing parts also mean that we will deduct the return total, however that will be marked on a separate place. In the event that you want your money back during the reclamation process, the product will once again become the property of the company Renčelj d. o. o.

Step 5:

Once the product, including all the necessary documents, gets delivered to the company Renčelj d.o.o the reclamation department will carefully examine it and the reclamation form. When that is finished a company representative will contact you and explain to you the following steps.

Any reclamation claim is solved individually based on the reclamation claim (withdrawal from the contract – returning the goods, 100% satisfaction warranty). The reclamation department can also offer you to exchange the product or refund you your money.


1. If the package shows any visible signs of damage upon delivery the buyer can turn down the package.

SIssue with the product

When is there an issue with the product?


  • The item doesn't have the functions that are needed for the normal use,
  • The item doesn't have the functions for special use which was the reason the customer made the purchase.
  • The item doesn't have the functions that were explicitly agreed on
  • The seller sent a product that doesn't resemple the sample or model, unless the model was shown only as a notification.

How to check the suitability of a product?

By comparing it to a flawless example of the same item and with the manufacturer statements as well as the claims listed on the product itself.

How to claim an error?

The buyer has to inform us about the error by writing a detailed description of the issue and sending it to us on his own expense before the end of the statutory deadline. He also has to allow us to examine the product. You can request a form by writing to

The right to claim a material error of a product is more precisely regulated by the Consumer protection act and its regulations.


The items ordered in our online store are always shipped in delivered as soon as possible. Any orders we get before 8 am will be shipped the same day (if the ordered products are in stock). If any items are not in stock you will be notified. We ship only in Slovenia. The packages are handled by GLS, however, we can also do the delivery ourselves. You will usually get any of your packages the next day but no more than 10 days from the date of purchase. The packages are usually delivered in the afternoon. If you're unavailable at the time the courier will leave a notification note. We reserve the right to change the delivery company at any time.


Any personal details you provide are used only for your order. Some of the details are forwarded to the delivery company (name, address, telephone number). For payments, the details are only forwarded to the bank and no one else. After the delivery is complete and we get your payment, the information is securely locked into our system.

Personal data protection

The provider undertakes to permanently protect any customer data. Any information is used merely to fulfill an order (sending informational material, offers, invoices) and any other communication that is needed.

Any personal user information won't be forwarded to third parties. The user himself has to take care of personal information by choosing an appropriate username and password

Our personal information is stored online in a coded manner. Our website and other systems we use are protected by technical and organizational manners that prevent the loss, destruction, access, and changes from unauthorized people. Despite the regular control, the data cannot be fully protected.

Child protection

The provider cannot take an order from someone that is thought to be a child without a consent from parents or guardians.

The provider is not allowed to take any personal informaton of the child. The provider is also not allowed to forward any data to third parties. The provider shouldn't allow children to access products that can be harmful to children.


The provider is making every effort to ensure the correctness of the data listed on its pages and website. Nevertheless the item details, delivery time and price can change very quickly so the provider can't correct such information fast enough. In such case, the provider will notify the buyer about the changes and allow a withdrawal from the contract of an exchange of the product.

The right to information

• information: you have the right to request information about your data and the right to request a deletion. If you have any questions about deletion, editing or using your personal data, please write to

• notifications: after signing up to the notifications you allow us to use your email address to send promotional material. You can unsubscribe from such notifications at any time by writing to

• cancellation of consent: while placing an order you consented to be notified via your email address. We want to let you know that the company Renčelj d.o.o always does its best to ensure the product data is up-to-date and valid.

Promotional emails

The provider sends such emails only if the customer consented to being contacted. Such promotional emails contain the following content:

  • they will be clearly marked as promotional emails,
  • the sender will be clearly visible,
  • discounts, offers and prize games and other promotional material. They will clearly list the terms and conditions,,
  • clear notification about how to unsubscribe from such emails
  • you can always subscribe or unsubscribe from such emails by writing to
  • The wish of the consumer to stop receiving such emails will be respected.

The promotional material will be sent in the name of Renčelj d.o.o. In accordance with the artice 73 ZVOP-1 the user can, at any time, request to stop receiving such emails.

Due to our business process and technical barriers it may still be possible for you to receive an email within 15 days after unsubscribing (if the email was already being sent). We apologize in advance and ask you for understanding.

Complaints and disputes

The provider respects the applicable consumer protection law and is doing his best to establish an effective complaint handling system and to assign a person with whom, in case of problems, the consumer can talk to via phone or email.

Any complaint can be made via the email address The complaint process is fully confidential. After the complaint is made, the provider has five working days to inform the buyer how long the request will take any inform him about any progress. The provider is aware that the essential characteristic of a consumer dispute, at least in terms of judicial resolution, is his disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs arising from the resolution of the dispute itself. For those reasons the provider always does its best to resolve any dispute mutually, to which the seller is also bound by 11.point 43b. article ZVPot.

For a shorter explanation, we suggest you contact us personally, as that allows us to take care of the problem in a timely manner.

The provider will try to solve any dispute with the consumer out of court and through court only after all other possibilities were tried.

We wish you plenty of pleasant purchases.

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